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Thank you for taking the time to learn about my background. As a former selectman, concerned citizen and parent, I decided my candidacy for Selectman would be a great way for me to again contribute to the Town of Clinton.

I attended the Clinton public school system, graduated from CHS and attended Northeastern University. My wife Constance and I have three children, Stephanie, Emily and Joey – who all, by the way, attend or have attended Clinton Public Schools. I am a lifelong resident and reside on Chace Street.

My mom and dad, as well as my brother reside in Clinton. My parents are Joseph P. Notaro Sr. and Lois Notaro all of whom reside on in town.

I have grown up in Clinton and it is my home. I have seen a lot of changes to our town since my childhood; some are good, and some are not. Now that I have children, I want to make sure that Clinton remains a place that they would be proud to call their home

Professionally I have worked in the high technology industry for 32 years and am currently a project leader and principal development engineer. As a project leader with Dell Inc, an international company. As such I must interface with people, departments and suppliers worldwide to develop and produce products on schedule. To do so to takes communication skills, attention to details and collaboration. As an engineer I design products as well as provide solutions to complex problems. I have led design teams at fortune 500 companies as well as at small startup companies and believe these qualities as well as my prior term as selectman are directly applicable to this position.

My priorities and commitment will, as always, reflect the needs of all Clinton residents and businesses. I believe the best government is one that leads by listening to its citizens; that money isn’t always the solution to our problems but people are; and that some officials have forgotten that our citizens are partners waiting to help, not people waiting to be led. 

Clinton needs leadership that is cost conscious today and has long-term planning goals in place for tomorrow: Leadership means listening, admitting mistakes and then fixing them. As a former selectman I have a working knowledge of our town government and as an engineer and project leader, the skills to help lead our town and plan for its future. I know the value of a dollar – and the value of education and community. That will make a difference in all the issues we face and will face together in our town.

I am not running for a Selectman’s seat for the job title, my reasons for running are for the opportunity to help Clinton deal with problems that are plaguing our town. I understand our town and its issues and will provide fresh thinking,  a problem-solving perspective, and will be a practical and fair voice in the Selectmen’s office.

Clinton’s greatest asset is its people. I know how much we all care about our town. A wide range of issues drive us: accountability and efficiency in government, quality schools, affordability of services, public safety, economic development and job creation and so much more. These issues shouldn’t divide us. They should unite us.

 As a former Selectman  I came to understand the complexities and problems facing our town government, as well as what works and what doesn't, and I have gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the structure and workings of our present town government. As such I will be able to contribute immediately to the position of Selectman.

Make no mistake, I will work hard for you - The Citizens of Clinton.


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